Original Versus Compatible Projector Lamp Replacements

Original Projector Lamp Replacements

An Original Projector Lamp is one that originally came with your projector when first making purchase. Philips, Osram, Epson, Ushio, Phoenix, Iwasaki or Matsushita make and patent the original projector lamps for ALL new projectors. When you purchase an Original Projector Lamp from Projector Lamp Replacements it will be one of these Manufacturing names that has produced the bare lamp.


What is a Bare Lamp ?

The Bare Lamp is a bulb that supplies the white light for projection. Some clients opt to change the Bare Lamp inside the lamp module and by doing so, will reuse the old housing.


projector lamp replacements lamp with housing
projector lamp replacements lamp with housing


Original Projector Lamp with Housing

When you are purchasing an Original Projector Lamp with Housing from Projector Lamp Replacements, you are getting an Original Bare Lamp within a generic housing. The housing is the mechanical part that the bare lamp resides within. By copying the housing, copyright has not been breached. You are now left with the performance of the Original Bare Lamp without the associated costs. In short, if you reused your old housing with an Original Bare Lamp you are directly copying what the Original Manufacturer intended. Most clients opt for an Original Bare Lamp with Housing as it does not impact lamp life. Its also more convenient for most to slide the old lamp assembly out and replace with the new.


Compatible Projector Lamps

A Compatible Projector Lamp are Bulbs produced to copy what the Original Lamp Manufacturer intended. They are most times sub standard in their performance and are price indicative of this fact. Projector Lamp Replacements do not endorse using these lamps, unless a recent upgrade is just around the corner or the price of an Original is extensive. We have these lamps on the site due to our competitors offering the range. If you select a Compatible lamp, you will get a call or email from us to advise that the performance value may not be there and an alternate solution.

Of course, you are the boss – so to speak. We are just lending our advice and experience within selling projector lamps over many a year.


PLEASE NOTE: Not all combinations of lamps are shown on the site. If you wish to purchase a replacement projector lamp that is not showing, please call or email for a quote.



Unfortunately, the Manufacturer does not know how your usage patterns of the projector. To cover themselves, they give a 180 days warranty period. Of course, as you are purchasing the same lamp that came with the projector you can use that to gauge the life expectancy.


How Long Will My Projector Lamps Take To Arrive?

We ship to all parts of Australia and New Zealand

Freight times to the below capital cities is 3 to 5 business days

  • Original Projector Lamp to Adelaide
  • Original Projector Lamp to Auckland New Zealand
  • Original Projector Lamp to Sydney
  • Original Projector Lamp to Darwin
  • Original Projector Lamp to Wellington New Zealand
  • Original Projector Lamp to Perth
  • Original Projector Lamp to Brisbane
  • Original Projector Lamp to Hamilton New Zealand
  • Original Projector Lamp to Melbourne
  • Original Projector Lamp to Canberra
  • Original Projector Lamp to Christchurch New Zealand
  • Original Projector Lamp to Non CBD Areas of the Capital Cities and Tasmania – 5 to 7 business days